Organic Food, Tea & Other Beverage Blends from Kintra Foods

A 100% Australian owned business, Kintra Foods create a unique range of premium beverages for people who are health conscious. Their products are also suited to vegetarians and vegans, all crafted using premium natural and organic ingredients that provide vitality, address deficiencies and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

A committed Australian manufacturer, their principal focus is to provide people with organic tea, chai and other blends that promote healthy living and encourage everyone to make a switch to natural and organic alternatives. Kintra Foods is also committed to helping out the environment, addressing waste reduction through recycling and using sustainable packaging.

So if you're looking for organic teas and beverages that promote health and wellbeing, check out Healthy Being's huge range of premium products - there's something for everyone! Shop today and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide!

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Turmeric Golden Blend 100g
100% Japanese Matcha Green Tea 110g
Calm & Relax Hebal Tea Bags x25
Calm & Relax Loose Leaf Tea 60g
Chamomile Loose Leaf Tea 40g
Detox & Cleanse Hebal Tea Bags x25
Detox & Cleanse Loose Leaf Tea 60g
Energise Loose Leaf Tea 50g
English Breakfast Herbal Tea Bags x25
English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea 100g
Fennel Fusion Hebal Tea Bags x25
French Earl Grey Herbal Tea Bags x25
French Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 80g
Ginger Golden Blend Hebal Tea Bags x25
Immunity Boosting Loose Leaf Tea 60g
Jasmine Green Herbal Tea Bags x25
Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea 100g
Lemon Ginger Manuka Hebal Tea Bags x25
Lemongrass & Ginger Herbal Tea Bags x25
Lemongrass & Ginger Loose Leaf Tea 70g
Loose Leaf Green Tea 150g
Mint Burst Hebal Tea Bags x25
My Figure Loose Leaf Tea 65g
Natural Dandy Chai (32 Bags) 90g
Natural Dandy Chai 150g

Kintra Foods Natural Dandy Chai 150g

$11.73 $12.95
Natural Formosan Black Tea 250g
Natural Matcha Chai Tea 50g
Natural Matcha Green Tea 50g
Natural Rooibos Chai (32 Bags) 80g
Natural Rooibos Chai 125g
Organic Formosan Black Tea Filter Bags x32
Organic Formosan Green Tea Filter Bags x32
Roasted Dandelion Blend (Fine Ground) 175g
Roasted Dandelion Blend (Granular) 150g
Roasted Dandelion Blend (Granular) 1kg
Roasted Dandelion Blend Filter Bags x32
Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea 100g
Sleepy Hebal Tea Bags x25
Sleepy Loose Leaf Tea 40g
Tulsi Gut Tea Bags x25
Tulsi Original Tea Bags x25
Tulsi Sleepy Tea Bags x25
Turmeric Blend Herbal Tea Bags x25