Eco-friendly Reusable Kitchen Essentials from Little Mashies

Little Mashies manufacture Australia’s highest quality, eco-friendly and reusable kitchen essentials, from reusable food pouches, bamboo meal sets and bright silicone straws to convenient stretch silicone food wraps. Because of their unique and strong designs, their products are easy to clean and super easy to use.

Their entire range is focused on your health and the health of your family, whilst looking after the environment by reducing wasteful, plastic laden products made using harsh and dangerous chemicals. When it comes to the health of your little ones, Little Mashies is focused on reducing their exposure to harmful ingredients, helping to keep them healthy. The quality of each of their products is exceptional, with absolutely no shortcuts taken in the manufacturing process.

So if you are looking for premium, eco-friendly kitchen essentials that are good for both you and the environment, check out Healthy Being's impressive range today, from cleaning products to everyday household items, you're sure to find what you're looking for. When it comes to your health and the health of your family, we take things seriously, offering an extensive range at competitive prices delivered directly to your doorstep. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Rainbow x2
Reusable Bowl Cover - Large
Reusable Bowl Cover - XL
Reusable Bowl Cover - XXL
Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Cactus x2
Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Green x2
Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Orange x2
Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Purple x2
Reusable Food Squeeze Pouches - Sun x2
Reusable Leftover Lids (Pack of 4)
Reusable Stretch Food Wrap - Extra Large
Reusable Stretch Food Wrap - Large x2
Reusable Stretch Food Wraps - Mixed x3
Silicone Distractor Cutlery - Blush Pink
Silicone Distractor Cutlery - Dusty Blue
Silicone Distractor Cutlery - Olive
Silicone Sucky Bowl - Blush Pink
Silicone Sucky Bowl - Dusty Blue
Silicone Sucky Bowl - Olive
Silicone Sucky Platter - Blush Pink
Silicone Sucky Platter - Dusty Blue
Silicone Washy Bib - Blush Pink
Silicone Washy Bib - Dusty Blue
Soft Silicone Straws (+Brush) - Pastel x4