100% Natural Baking Mixes & Snack from Low Carb Life

Low Carb Life is a continuation in a life-long journey of two chefs - one a coeliac and the other a mother striving to provide the best possible nutrition to a bunch of kids with varying food intolerances. They have created a range of natural baking mixes and treats using real, 100% natural ingredients to make your life easy, low carb and delicious.

Most of the ingredients for daily staples such as bread, pastry and sweet treats are made using starches and modified ingredients with little to no nutritional value, and definitely not good enough to use every day in a healthy lifestyle. On a mission to create the very best, most nutritious and delicious gluten-free products possible, they discovered that low carb ingredients make people feel better, whilst giving them more energy with fewer secondary side effects in food-sensitive bodies. Balancing low carb ingredients and good, natural sugar alternatives became their new passion and over the years they have developed the perfect sweetener blend and some amazing recipes.

So if you are looking for premium, 100% natural gluten-free snacks and baking mixes, low in carbs and highly nutritious, check out Healthy Being's incredible range of carefully selected products today. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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