Heli Kurjanen had a vision about the future of period care. Tired of bleeding into tampons and pads, she decided to buy a menstrual cup online, only to find that these things also didn’t work for her. However, the freedom and flexibility of a menstrual cup sparked a light in her brain. Why not make my own menstrual cup, one that actually works for me? With laser vision and improved design rooted in safety, ease, and comfort (and compatible for women of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage), Heli led the charge to create the world’s top menstrual cup – Lunette.

Menstrual Cup (Model 1) - Violet
Menstrual Cup (Model 1) - Clear
Menstrual Cup (Model 2) - Clear
Menstrual Cup (Model 2) - Violet
Menstrual Cup Cleanser 150ml

Lunette Menstrual Cup Cleanser 150ml

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