Natural Evolution

Turning passion into a profession is a dream for many, but for Natural Evolution Founder and Director Robert Watkins that is exactly what he has done. As a second generation farmer Robert has a strong farming philosophy and believes that ultimate nutrition begins with healthy soil and plants.

5-Minute Chocolate Cake Pre-Mix 465g
Gluten Free Banana Bread Pre-Mix 435g
Gluten Free Dough Mix 454g
Caribbean Cake Pre-Mix 486g
Green Banana Resistant Starch 400g
Green Banana Resistant Starch 900g
Mulberry Leaf Powder Sachets (30x2g)
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Vanilla Pancake & Waffle Mix 389g
Banana Healing Ointment 30ml
Banana Healing Ointment 60ml
Green Banana Baking Flour 454g
Green Banana Baking Flour 908g
Vegan Protein Multi-Fibre - Chocolate 400g
Vegan Protein Multi-Fibre - Vanilla 400g