PPC Herbs

PPC Herbs is a 100% Australian owned and operated, TGA certified company with nearly 25 years experience in manufacturing herbal medicines and personal care products.

WILD Herbs & Honey Shampoo  250ml
WILD Herbs & Honey Conditioner  250ml
Canda-Plex Herbal Remedy 100ml
Canda-Plex Herbal Remedy 200ml
Liver-Plex Herbal Remedy 200ml
Tri-Plex Herbal Remedy 50ml

PPC Herbs Tri-Plex Herbal Remedy 50ml

$54.95 $49.80
WILD Gentle Conditioner  250ml
WILD Gentle Shampoo  250ml

PPC Herbs WILD Gentle Shampoo 250ml

$12.95 $11.74
WILD Henna Conditioner  250ml
WILD Henna Shampoo  250ml

PPC Herbs WILD Henna Shampoo 250ml

$12.95 $11.74
WILD Herbs & Lavender Conditioner  250ml
WILD Herbs & Lavender Shampoo  250ml
WILD Volumiser Conditioner  250ml
WILD Volumiser Shampoo  250ml