The Monday Food Co

An Australian company based in Byron Bay who specialise in making 100% organic, gluten free, grain free and sugar free granola, which has been nutritionally based upon the paleo ethos.

Paleo Cupcake Mix - Banana Pecan 300g
Paleo Cupcake Mix - Lavender Choc 300g
Paleo Cupcake Mix - Maqui Chocolate 300g
Paleo Flour Mix 350g
Paleo Granola - Choc Cherry 300g
Paleo Granola - Hazelnut Fig 300g
Paleo Granola - Macadamia Cranberry 300g
Paleo Granola - Nuts & Wild Berry 300g
Paleo Granola - Pecan Vanilla 300g
Paleo Loaf Mix - Pumpkin Pepita 300g