Natural Tampons, Pads, Liners & Period Cups from TOM Organic

Organic Maternity Pads x12
Mid-Rise Period Brief (Size 10)
Mid-Rise Period Brief (Size 12)
Mid-Rise Period Brief (Size 14)
Mid-Rise Period Brief (Size 16)
Organic Applicator Tampons - Regular x16
Top Seller
Organic Applicator Tampons - Super x16
Organic Pads - Regular x10
Organic Pads - Super x10
Organic Tampons (Value Pack) - Regular x32
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Organic Tampons (Value Pack) - Super x32
Organic Tampons - Mini x16
Organic Tampons - Regular x16
Top Seller
Organic Tampons - Super x16
Organic Ultra Thin Panty Liners x26
The Period Cup - Regular (Size 1)
The Period Cup - Super (Size 2)