Eco-friendly Grow Your Own Garden Kits from Urban Greens

Culinary Flowers Grow Kit
Ergonomic Garden Snips

Urban Greens Ergonomic Garden Snips

$34.95 $32.77
Grow Your Own Tea Kit - Chamomile
Grow Your Own Tea Kit - Peppermint
Kale Sprouts Mini Garden

Urban Greens Kale Sprouts Mini Garden

$37.95 $35.60
Kitchen Herbs Grow Kit

Urban Greens Kitchen Herbs Grow Kit

$24.95 $23.40
Micro Herbs Windowsill Grow Kit
Microgreens Windowsill Grow Kit
Pot of Flowers Kit - Dwarf Cosmos
Pot of Flowers Kit - Fragrant Sweet Pea
Seed Balls - Bee Friendly Flowers x24
Seed Balls - Cottage Garden Flowers x24
Seed Balls - Field of Poppies x24
Seed Balls - Kitchen Herbs x24
Seed Balls - Leafy Greens x24
Spicy Salsa Grow Kit

Urban Greens Spicy Salsa Grow Kit

$24.95 $23.40
Summer Salad Grow Kit

Urban Greens Summer Salad Grow Kit

$24.95 $23.40
Sunflower Sprouts Mini Garden