All-Natural, Plant Based & Gluten-Free Chips from Vege Chips

Founded in 1990, Vege Chips is a 100% Australian owned company that has been creating deliciously healthy snacks for over 30 years. A globally recognised, much-loved brand situated on the beautiful Gold Coast, they are committed to producing plant-based healthy chips that taste amazing.

Their entire range of snacks is completely free from gluten, soy, eggs, genetically modified ingredients, artificial colourings and preservatives, all crafted in an exclusively gluten-free facility with strict quality and food safety procedures that ensure the highest quality snack for you and your family!

Vege Chips are also super passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment. They're a proud member of the REDcyle program, sharing responsibility for a sustainable future by reducing pollution. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions and undertake many environmental sustainability programmes.

So if you're looking for healthy chips and wholesome snacks for you and your family, check out Healthy Being's incredible range of premium, oh-so-delicious range today. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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BBQ Vege Chips (6x100g)

Vege Chips BBQ Vege Chips (6x100g)

$28.17 $28.95
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