Wild-Harvested, 100% Natural Snacks & Cashews from YAVA

Formally named "East Bali Cashews", YAVA offer a complete range of wholesome, ethically sourced and wild-harvested snacks, including delicious granola and cashews, Driven by a belief that “you are what you eat”, they source most of their ingredients fresh from the local trees and gardens of Karangasem, in East Bali, crafting products in small batches for the very best, highest quality treats.

YAVA kitchens cook up healthy snacks that are nutritious, gourmet and worry-free, all whilst creating opportunities for the community and farmers in Desa Ban village. Their signature range of snacks combines organic ginger, chilli peppers, coconuts, rosella and other ingredients with some of the highest quality cashews in the world, wild-harvested from trees that grow in nutrient-dense volcanic soil.

So if you are looking for wholesome, 100% natural snacks that are good for you and your family, check out Healthy Being's massive range today. Whether you're looking for sweet or savoury snacks, you'll find everything you need to satisfy any craving. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Cacao Krispi Puffs 45g

YAVA Cacao Krispi Puffs 45g

$3.17 $3.50
Cacao Peanut Popcorn 60g

YAVA Cacao Peanut Popcorn 60g

$4.08 $4.50
Caramel Cashew Popcorn 60g

YAVA Caramel Cashew Popcorn 60g

$4.08 $4.50
Chocolate Banana Granola Bites 125g
Chocolate Banana Granola with Cashews 400g
Chocolate Vanilla Go'Nola (12x30g)
Chocolate Vanilla Granola Bites 125g
Chocolate Vanilla Granola Puffs 50g
Chocolate Vanilla Granola with Cashews 400g
Coconut Banana Granola Bites 125g
Sweet Cashews Krispi Puffs 45g
Tropical Fruits Granola Bites 125g
Wild Harvested Cashews - Cacao (10x35g)
Wild Harvested Cashews - Roasted (10x35g)
Wild Harvested Cashews - Sea Salt (10x35g)