6 Tips To Help You Keep NY Resolutions

By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   17 January 2020 

We all hear it year after year “get fit, eat less junk and lose weight”. Each year we all PROMISE that we will keep our healthy habit New Year resolutions, only to jump straight back into the same old routine in the first week of January (jumping on the couch with a bag of chips).

Luckily, things are going to be different this year. This year, you’ve got our help! We’ve listed a few of our best tips to keep you on track with your health and fitness resolutions!

Set Realistic Goals

Keep it simple and doable! There is no use setting up a new goal for yourself only to have it completely out of your reach. If you have never entered a gym in your life, and your goal is to go to the gym every day, that may not be realistic. You are not likely to achieve crazy huge goals if you don’t like the task. Keep them realistic, small and give yourself time to grow and adjust to the change.

One Thing At a Time

The only way to get through achieving those long-term goals is to focus on one thing at a time! Commit to one goal, work hard to maintain it, then move onto the next. Again, give yourself plenty of time to adjust and plan ahead. All your energy and focus should be at one thing at a time, that is more than enough!

Find a Buddy

If you are naturally self-motivated this one might not be for you. I know that having a buddy that has the same goal as you helps you stay on track. Whether it be a gym buddy to keep you motivated for the gym or a diet buddy that keeps that cookie jar closed, it really does make a difference when there is someone else that has the same resolution as you. Together you can keep one another accountable for achieving those big resolutions!  

Break Down The Resolutions to Smaller Goals

Sometimes your goals are way too broad to be achieved. When you break down each of your resolutions, it gives you a clear way to know what to stick to and how you can reach the goal. Focusing on each of these sub-goals is a way to organise accomplishing the big goal. This tip works so well, especially when you want to celebrate those small wins.

Track and Change

Make sure the resolutions you set are ones that you can track and ones that are measurable. Some resolutions may not be working for you, so it’s important to track and see what’s working and what isn’t. When you track your progress, you can clearly identify problem areas, and you can make minor adjustments to these resolutions that suit you. This tip is the most important in making your resolutions last.

Celebrate the Smallest of Wins

It’s scientifically proven that people tend to do better when they feel better! That is why it is so important to keep yourself confident and motivated! Celebrating the smallest of wins and accomplishments can go such a long way in the long haul. Make a list of tiny goals and tick them off as you go, this will help improve that feeling of achievement and you will want to chase that feeling once again with the next goal. Celebrate by doing something you love and enjoy.

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