Best Superfood Powder Supplements for a Strong Immune System

By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   23 April 2020 

Right now more than ever, we are looking for ways to boost our immune system in the simplest way possible. With supermarket shelves empty and chemists lacking stock, most of us have introduced superfood powder supplements into our daily diet and intake.

Our bodies need specific nutrients to keep our bodies going. These include proteins, carbs, good fats and fibre. Nutrients need vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics to function normally. So where do we get these nutrients from when we can't find superfoods? Yep, your new best friend --  superfood powders.

You might have heard of protein powders being extremely nutritional and beneficial to those who are or aren’t training. Like this, superfood powder supplements are stocked up with essential nutrients for the body, they give you an energy boost, help certain functions like gut health and most importantly, they enhance your immune system (something that all of us are in much need of).

We’ve listed some of our favourite superfood powders that are absolutely crucial during this time.

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp is one of the most natural sources of plant-based protein. We’ve chosen hemp to be number one on our superfood powder supplement list because of its ability to boost our immune systems. Hemp is incredibly nutritious because it is filled with healthy fats, proteins and minerals. Including hemp protein powder in your diet can have positive impacts on your health, and effectively supplies the body with a boost of nutrients.

The proteins that are essential in running a healthy immune system is edestin and albumin. And yes, you guessed it! Hemp contains those exact two proteins. These proteins create elements in our bodies like enzymes, antibodies, hormones and fibrinogen – all essentials for immune system health.

Acai Powder 

Okay, we can definitely see this coming straight into the kitchen. Are you missing those Sunday brunch acai bowls? During this time in self -solation, how about try making an acai bowl at home! Acai berries literally took the world by storm as it became everyone’s favourite healthy brunch option. The small fruit from the Amazon rainforest has significant benefits to our bodies and after reading this, you’ll be sure to add this to your cart.

Adding acai powder into your daily intake will most certainly help your body build a stronger immune system. Being full of essential vitamins and minerals, acai powder is also very rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals. A blend of all that good stuff is just what you need to keep up your immune system.

Matcha Tea Powder

If you thought the list of superfood powder supplements sounded good so far, just wait till you hear about this one! Matcha green tea powder might just be one of the healthiest drinks ever! Its high content in antioxidants is the secret behind giving our immune systems a huge boost.

Rich in loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, matcha green tea powder can actually help protect you from the common flu. The main antioxidant is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCC) which helps produce T-Cells in your body. Now, you’re probably wondering what are T-Cells? These reduce inflammation and fight against the bad guys in your body (e.g. bacteria, virus or microorganisms that can cause disease). Replace your morning coffee with a green matcha tea every day to see some amazing results. 

Tumeric powder

We think that this is every healthy person’s best kept secret. ‘Spice up’ your immune system with a sprinkle of turmeric powder on top of meals and drinks. It is a yellow and orange spice that is most commonly found in sauces and curries. Not only is it delicious, it has huge medicinal benefits.

Along with so many other benefits like lowering cholesterol, preventing cancers, and eases arthritis, turmeric can also be a final touch to your immune system. A study revealed that its anti-inflammatory effects include the activation of T-cells, B-cells and white blood cells. Even a small amount added to your intake can have phenomenal effects.


All these superfood powder supplements are fantastic ways to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape. During this time, these are all essential nutrients that should be included in our daily diets and intake. Stay Healthy!

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