Food Combinations That Can Triple Weight Loss

By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   27 March 2020 

Did you know you can lose weight by just eating? Sounds impossible we know, but this might be one of our favourite discoveries yet. By combining certain organic superfoods together, you can actually encourage healthy weight loss! This all seems too good to be true, so we did some digging and found some of the best combos that trigger weight loss. Minimal effort to get those numbers off the scale? We’re in!

The way it all works is that some foods paired work together help you stay fuller for longer and boost your metabolism!

Carrots & Tahini

Combo number one is Carrots and Tahini, the perfect snack for when you are feeling peckish! Carrots are a healthy vegetable that contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Some of these include vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. Crunchy, delicious and full of benefits! They assist to lower cholesterol levels, increase satiety (feeling full), and help in decreasing your calories!

Tahini is the second addition to this combination. It is a sesame butter that is a great plant-based way to increase your protein intake (Hello to all of our vegan friends!). Tahini helps weight loss because of the soluble fibre within it. Soluble fibre helps the digestion of food through the gut and can actually help lose belly fat! YES PLEASE!

Sushi & Ginger

If you are a sucker for Japanese cuisine like we are, then you’re going to love this! Pick a sushi roll that is filled with a fish that has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids e.g. tuna or salmon. This is a superfood for weight loss because of those good fats, you will be feeling much fuller for longer. Raw is the way to go when it comes to sushi, so try and avoid those dishes that have been fried!

Add some ginger to your bite! Ginger is fantastic as it promotes digestion and speeds up your metabolism! It has anti-inflammatory factors that gets the blood flowing. Ginger is one of the key ingredients we can include in any meal to kickstart our bodies and improve our overall health! And yes, it keeps us fuller for longer. Wash it all down with a hot mug of green tea to speed up that metabolism and you’ve done all the right things to burn some calories.

Watermelon & Balsamic Vinegar

Now this one is a little weird and one you definitely have not of heard of. You might cringe at the thought, but after hearing the benefits, you’ll want to get a hand on this superfood combination. Watermelon contains numerous vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A and can prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and even prevent cancer.

Balsamic vinegar is high in antioxidants and can also stop diabetes and blood pressure. Vinegar can help control our appetite and makes us feel fuller for longer, the perfect way to stay away from calories.

Eggs & Avocado

Who knew that our favourite brunch meal was actually FULL of so many benefits! By having eggs for breakfast, you can actually feel fuller for longer for the day. One study proved that eggs are ranked high on the satiety index, and compared to a bagel, they led to less calorie intake over the next 36 hours. Because of their metabolism-boosting nutrient called choline, eggs are a great organic food for weight loss.

Pair your eggs with fresh avocado on toast, and you have the perfect superfood combination for weight loss. The mix of healthy fats and vitamins in the avocado will encourage the heart, immune system and fight off hunger. Now that is a superfood recipe!  

So there you have it!

Who would have thought that some of our favourite organic foods can be combined to help us lose weight! These superfood recipe combos are so great during this time to watch calorie intake, and also know that our bodies are still working!

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