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By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   6 October 2023 

The health and wellness industry continues to thrive, and people are invested for many reasons. From physical and mental health to ethical and environmental concerns, personal and collective motivations are often entwined around the broad meaning of sustainability. Lots of great brands have emerged to fuel the growing health food market, focusing on specific ingredients, products, or values.

In this article, we'll review the size and shape of the modern health food industry and see why people are so attracted to healthy eating. Picking up from our last article, we'll also list eight of the best brands selling health foods, supplements, and lifestyle products.

The Size & Shape of The Modern Health Food Industry

The health food industry has grown by leaps and bounds over recent decades. Consumers are increasingly committed to healthy eating, and people are also prioritising sustainable food production. This industry is particularly large in Western society, where people benefit from access to affordable, reliable, and diverse food stocks. The dedicated health food industry is a fairly recent addition to human society, having emerged in the post-WWII period and growing dramatically in the 1980s and '90s.

Based on figures from Data Bridge Market Research, the global health food market was estimated to be worth US$802.59 million in 2022 and is expected to reach US $1,647.38 million by 2030. With an annual growth rate of 9.5% during the forecast period, including positive growth on every continent, the global health and wellness food market is set to grow faster than the packaged food industry. A number of sub-markets will help to drive this growth, including functional food, healthy snacks, organic food, calorie-related products, and the free-from category.

In Australia alone, the health and sustainability market could be worth $25 billion by 2030. If local farmers and food producers embrace this growth, Australia's food and agribusiness sector could become more valuable than mining over this time frame. The CSIRO has identified a number of trends in the market, all of which represent high-growth opportunities. For health and wellness products, key markets are likely to include fortified and functional foods, natural and free-from products, vitamins and supplements, and personalised nutrition. In terms of sustainable solutions, it notes alternative protein sources, organic waste conversion, and sustainable packaging as leading industry trends.

Why Are People Attracted to Health Foods?

People engage with health foods and supplements for many reasons. Some are trying to meet personal fitness and weight loss goals, others want to support mental health, and some are following ethical and environmental principles. For a growing number of consumers, these issues are all intertwined. With obesity and heart disease continuing to disrupt lives, a growing mental health crisis gripping communities, and climate change risking natural ecosystems, conscious eating can be an important part of the solution.

People are attracted to healthy eating for many reasons, most of which fall into one of these three categories:

Physical health and fitness

People have always been invested in their physical health. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, which asked questions to 8,000 consumers across the United States and Europe, 70% of respondents want to be healthier and 50% recognise food as a way to reach this goal. People were concerned about different types of unhealthy food, however, with processed foods leading the way, followed by sugar, fat, salt, and red meat. From supporting general health to losing weight and fueling fitness, eating healthy food is a growing priority for millions of people across the planet.

Mental health and wellness

Links between good food and physical health have been established for centuries. According to a growing number of health experts, however, there are also profound links between healthy eating and mental health. A recent study by Deakin University looked at the importance of food systems for brain health, with the report calling out the corporate-industrial food industry for undermining 'brain capital'. This term was used to define the importance of our brains, with ultra-processed foods found to have a devastating impact on the health of our brains, bodies, and planet.

Collective sustainability

Whether it's the health of natural ecosystems, working conditions for farmers, or ethical treatment for animals, this category includes issues that transcend the individual. A growing number of consumers are concerned with these issues, and the market is starting to pay attention. While health outweighs sustainability for most people according to the McKinsey & Company survey, the collective health of the planet is a growing concern among younger consumers. As climate change continues to have unprecedented effects, these collective issues are likely to become an even bigger driving force. 

Life-affirming Health & Wellness Brands

The health and wellness sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the following companies are leading the charge. If you're looking for the very best health foods and lifestyle products on the market, these great brands and many others are available at Healthy Being:

Keto Naturals

The Keto Naturals brand is owned and operated by Yo Keto. This husband and wife team launched their business back in 2019, and it continues to reach new heights. Keto Naturals is a popular line of all-natural, keto-friendly snacks in a variety of delicious flavours. Everything is made without fillers or artificial flavours, and all products are vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free. At Healthy Being, we supply a wide range of ketogenic foods often used to promote weight loss and help manage certain medical conditions.

Mindful Foods

More than physical health, Mindful Foods is dedicated to the pursuit of mindful living. Like many of their contemporaries, this popular brand originates from the beautiful natural environment of the Northern Rivers. Mindful Foods produces handcrafted, pesticide-free products that nourish the human body, mind, and spirit. From healthy breakfast cereals to snacks, supplements, teas, and pantry items, everything is made to aid your digestion, support your immunity, and 'feed your inner wild'.

Nirvana Organics

Nirvana Health Products, previously known as Nirvana Organics, is a leading producer of healthy and safe sugar alternatives. Excessive sugar is a major problem in Western society, causing heart disease, obesity, and numerous other problems. The Nirvana brand is owned and operated by Kim Friemann, who also hosts holistic healing and natural health seminars. After learning about the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners, she created a range of natural sweeteners based on stevia, xylitol, and erythritol. Nirvana Health Products also sells natural salts and aromatherapy products.

Planet Organic

From the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Planet Organic produces a wide array of certified organic products without synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs. This leading health food company believes in organic farming and safe agricultural practices that work in harmony with the Earth. All products are grown in natural plantations and nurtured naturally by composting instead of using chemicals. Planet Organics is known for its great selection of organic tea and coffee, organic herbs and spices, and delicious maple syrup.

Power Super Foods

If you want to boost your nutritional intake, consuming organic superfood powders is a great option. Power Super Foods produces a number of high-density powders, including acai, beetroot, black maca, cacao, lacuma, maqui, and camu camu. These fantastic products are easy to add to smoothies, shakes, and juices, and you can also sprinkle them on cereals and salads. Along with nutritious powders, this leading company also makes dulse flakes, nori flakes, coconut sugar, organic chia, and so much more.

Protein Supplies Australia

Whether you're looking for everyday nutrition, a pre-workout boost, or support with recovery, protein powders are the perfect tool. Protein Supplies Australia make great products for health and fitness enthusiasts, including many items dedicated to muscle growth. Full of beneficial amino acids like glycine, proline, and lysine, these products are designed to give you a natural boost. Everything from Protein Supplies Australia is made without artificial or synthetic nasties, and all powders are great-tasting and sustainably sourced.

The Ginger People

Ginger is one of the most amazing health foods on the planet, and Bruce and Abbie Leeson have been promoting it for over 30 years. The Ginger People produce great products inspired by the natural healing powers of ginger. All products have simple recipes and a short list of ingredients, and everything is available in a functional format for easy consumption. The Ginger People work with small-scale farmers, supporting over 500 workers in China, Fiji, Indonesia, and Peru.

Wotnot Naturals

From baby wipes and creams to natural face wipes and sunscreen, Wotnot creates natural beauty products for the local Australian community. This company believes nature is the original source of wellness, with all products utilising natural ingredients and made without nasty chemicals. Along with the ingredients inside the bottle, all packaging is sustainably made using recycled materials to minimise environmental impact. According to Wotnot Naturals, the world doesn’t need more products — it needs better ones.

You can find a great selection of natural health and wellness products at Healthy Being. We only deal with the best brands in the business, so you can be assured of quality with every single order. From cooking ingredients and beauty products to superfoods, supplements, and snacks, we have everything you need to live a healthy, natural life. So place your order today or contact our team to learn more.

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