The Bad & The Ugly in Your Daily Skin Care Routine

By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   20 February 2020 

We are all about that #healthy lifestyle. But what good is eating well and staying healthy, when the products we use for our face and skin every day are full of toxic chemicals?

Our mantra? You are what you eat, but you are also what you put on your skin!

When it comes to what goes on your body, it is essential that all those products are 100% natural. It’s a scary thought to think about just how much toxic chemicals are absorbed into our skin on a daily basis. Products that we use every day are shockingly all loaded with chemicals.

Luckily, we have a few products that you will absolutely love, and yep, you guessed it, all NATURAL!


The one product we use every single day, deodorant. What would we do without it? We love keeping ourselves smelling good during the day, but most of the deodorants we use are full of toxins, chemicals, alcohol and the most dangerous - aluminium. These toxic antiperspirants block pores with these chemicals, can build up bacteria and can actually have your armpits smelling worse!

Natural deodorants don’t block your pores, they actually let the good bacteria on your skin and help reduce the body odour. Some ingredients actually shrink pores instead of blocking them.  It absorbs so much more moisture than a toxic deodorant would, and it contains only plant-based ingredients.


Most definitely the most important, your daily SPF Sunscreen. There is a clear difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens. The obvious difference, one is made from chemicals, while the other is made from natural ingredients, however there is much more to know about HOW both works.

Yes, chemical sunscreens protect your skin from the UV rays, however the skin has to absorb them for it to be effective. Chemicals such as Octinoxate, Oxybenzone and Octocrylene all are compounds that can lead to skin irritation, hormonal disruption and in some cases cancer. Natural sunscreens do not absorb into the skin, in fact – they create an actual barrier in between the UV rays and your skin.


Time to throw away all those toxic perfumes and make the switch over to natural. We go ahead without realising and litres of perfume onto our skin all the time.

Synthetic perfumes are packed with chemicals and are absorbed straight into the skin. Because of the hundreds of chemicals mixed inside one fragrance bottle, the consequences range from respiratory disease to chemicals being found in human tissue and breast milk. A huge concern to say the least. Natural perfumes are a great alternative, as they are all vegan-friendly, all-natural and created from pure essential oils that last all day. Essential oils are great for calming effects and reduce stress.


Who would have guessed? Even our toothpaste is full of nasties! Luckily, natural kinds of toothpaste are all vegan-friendly and are made from organic ingredients. With a mixture of mint and other herbs, know that organic toothpaste can clean your teeth without any additives.

Natural toothpastes are fluoride, sodium laurel sulphate and saccharin free. These all have high cases of toxins that are sometimes found in detergent. A big nasty is saccharin, as it adds the sweetening taste to many toothpaste's. Lab studies have proven that it actually causes kidney cancer in lab rats – definitely not the sort of thing we want to be cleaning our teeth with every single day!

There you have it, a whole new list of natural products for your skincare and body care routine! Replace those nasties with all organic products! Check out our range for endless lists of natural products!

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