5 Benefits of Gluten-Free Diet

By Kate Vincent   |   4 May 2016 

The incidence of gluten sensitivity has been increasing steadily over the last decades. However, the number of people who choose to go on a gluten-free diet is growing even faster. Many of them do this to support their loved ones, but more and more people make a conscious decision to embrace these eating habits. The reason for this is the benefits that this meal plan can offer.

1 A gluten-free diet improves digestion

It’s not only people with celiac disease who can benefit from foregoing gluten as eliminating it from your meals can help with a variety of other digestive disorders. Switching to this diet generally reduces diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, and stomach upset. These positive reactions are more prominent in people who suffer from celiac disease because in those patients, these symptoms are often caused by ingesting gluten. However, even if the problems are caused by a different condition, removing this element from your meals can help.

2 Foregoing gluten improves your focus and cognitive ability

This reaction is most prominent in those who suffer from gluten intolerance but is beneficial for everyone. When a gluten-sensitive person ingests this ingredient, their body produces cytokines, inflammatory molecules that have a strong negative effect on your health as a whole. These molecules have been linked with the increased risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases as well as ADHD in children. Going gluten-free reduces the amount of inflammation in your body and has a positive effect on your nervous system, reducing headaches, foggy thinking, and loss of focus.

3 Going gluten-free allows you to get more nutrients from food

Combining healthy foods with gluten reduces their natural benefits to your body because this element prevents you from digesting and absorbing them properly. Therefore, even a meticulously planned out diet may not provide you with all the essential nutrients if you don’t eliminate this ingredient from your meals. Being able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals good foods have to offer will provide you with a boost of energy and improve your general health greatly.

4 You can lose weight faster with a gluten-free diet

Foods loaded with gluten have little nutritious value but add inches to your waistline fast. Foregoing them and switching to really healthy meals will complement your weight loss program and make it more efficient.

5 A gluten-free diet is delicious

We are so used to gluten-packed foods we often don’t appreciate how delicious other options can be. Changing your diet will help you discover and fall in love with a variety of new flavours.


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