5 Benefits Of Using Protein Powders

By Shannon Clark B Sc, MA   |  

If you’re getting serious about your fitness program and are looking to take your progress up a notch, supplementation is something you’ll want to start thinking about.

While eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will definitely bring about fantastic results with your workouts, adding a few select supplements into the picture can help you go that much further.

Protein powder is one such supplement. If you don’t currently have protein powder in your plan, now is the time to start.

Let’s go over the five benefits to using protein powders that you need to know.


Decreased Hunger

The first benefit to using protein powder that few people realize is the fact that it can actually help to decrease your hunger level.  Those who consume protein powder throughout the day typically report consuming fewer calories in their later meals compared to those who don’t consume protein powder.

Whey protein powder especially offers this benefit, so turn to this variety when selecting your powder.


Increased Recovery

The next benefit to using a protein powder is speed of recovery.  Serve up a powder like our Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate and you’ll experience rapid muscle tissue synthesis immediately following an intense training session.

The faster your recovery is, the sooner you can get back into the gym and train hard once again, so this can have a strong influence on the overall progress that you see.

Healthy Being's Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate range are perfect for using immediately post workout as it can be easily mixed right in your shaker cup.


Increased Strength Development

With this increased recovery and protein intake you’ll get from using a protein powder, you’ll experience improved strength development.  Lack of protein is one of the biggest factors standing in the way of your workouts and your progress.

Far too many people are currently falling short with their intake, often because they just don’t prefer to eat protein rich foods.

That can be easily avoided by using a quality whey protein powder. With over 20 grams of protein per scoop, it’ll add up quickly.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

Protein powders are also beneficial because they’re very easy to use and rank high on the convenience scale.  If you lead a very busy lifestyle and don’t always have time to prepare protein rich foods such as eggs, chicken, steak, or fish, protein powders can be perfect. 

Simply mix, drink, and go.  And don’t forget the fact that you don’t always have to drink your protein powder either. You can just as easily mix a scoop into a bowl of oatmeal, into some yogurt, or make up a batch of protein powder pancakes or muffins if you prefer.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate protein powder into your day, so there’s no excuse for not getting it in.


Prevention Of Lean Muscle Mass Loss

Finally, the last reason to use protein powder? It’ll help prevent lean muscle mass loss. If you happen to be using a reduced calorie diet plan, you’ll be at a greater risk of burning lean muscle mass for fuel.

Adding a little more protein into your day can help you side-step this as you’ll be sure to provide more than enough protein to the muscles just in case some of the protein you eat from whole food sources is used as an energy source.

Dieters actually need more protein than their non-dieting counterparts, so getting enough of this nutrient at this time is essential.

There you have five key benefits to using protein powder. If you don’t currently have some in your pantry, now is the time to stock up.


...and remember, qualified nutritionists at Healthy Being are available to offer further general advice to help guide you in selecting the right products. So please, feel free to contact us at anytime!

Shannon Clark is a qualified nutritionist and a regular contributer to HB Insights. She specialises in weight control and management as well as optimal fitness performance. She's devoted to helping readers obtain their own personal best health and fitness and stays on top the latest trends in the industry.


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