5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Clove Bud Essential Oil

By Stefanie Rock, LMT   |   7 January 2016 

Ah...the aromatic scent of cloves simmering on the stovetop seems to bring instant calm. It's not your imagination, cloves have powerful healthful properties. No need to rely on a stovetop to benefit from cloves, however. Incorporating Clove Bud (Eugenia Caryophyllata) Pure Essential Oil into your well-being regimen has numerous beneficial effects.

The use of clove bud for medicinal purposes dates back to at least the 1100's when it was widely used for toothaches, freshening breath, and as a headache remedy. While many essential oils are derived from plant leaves or flowers, clove bud oil is distilled from the tree's immature flower buds. Today, its widespread use extends beyond the bathroom counter and further into our daily lives. Here are five reasons to add Clove Bud pure essential oil into your healthy lifestyle.


1. Boosts Immunity: Clove bud pure essential oil is naturally antiviral and helps fight free-radicals within the body and protects the body from illness. Additionally, clove bud pure essential oil decreases stress, reduces fatigue, improves insomnia, increases mental clarity, and eases depression.  Feeling nauseous? Whether due to illness or anxiety, inhaling clove bud pure essential oil can combat waves of nausea. Use a diffuser in your home's common areas to boost immunity and purify the air.


2. Helps heal wounds: Due to its antiseptic and antifungal properties, clove bud pure essential oil helps eliminate athlete's foot, improve wound recovery, and eases pain of insect stings and bites. Likewise, adding a couple of drops of clove bud pure essential oil to unscented lotion, or carrier oil, can help repel insects. Brushed against poison ivy or poison oak? It can also alleviate itching.


3. Ease body aches and pains. Clove bud pure essential oil is naturally anti-inflammatory. Not only will it ease joint and muscular pain, it can also help reduce headaches, coughs, and congestion. Add a few drops of clove bud pure essential oil to Indulgence Blend Massage Oil to alleviate sore muscles; or mist onto a pillow to decrease sinus congestion throughout the night. Likewise, application may alleviate joint pain due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or neuralgia.


4. Improve skin quality. Clove bud pure essential oil improves circulation which aids in reducing acne and rejuvenating the skin. The addition of clove oil to a daily facial moisturizer may reduce signs of aging like sagging skin or wrinkles. Increased circulation improves unequal skin tone and decreases puffiness.


5. Dental care. The oldest use for clove bud pure essential oil is still applicable today: dental health. Bad breath, sore gums, toothaches, and cavity pain can be eased or eliminated with clove bud pure essential oil. It is extremely important, however, to properly dilute clove oil when applying to teeth, gums, or gargling as its strength may irritate or burn tender tissue. To numb pain, dilute one to two drops in coconut oil before applying to gums or tooth.


As with all pure essential oils, before applying them to your body they need to be diluted. Because clove bud essential oil, and its active ingredient eugenol, is especially powerful, it is suggested to dilute at a greater concentration than other essential oils as it may irritate skin. To dilute, add a few drops to a warm bath, use in a diffuser, simply inhale, or add a couple of drops to a carrier oil such as Indulgence Blend Massage Oil

Essential oil information is not intended as an alternative to medical advice or treatment. Ask your health practitioner before adding essential oils to your well-being routine, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, or using on infants and children.


...and remember, qualified nutritionists at Healthy Being are available to offer further general advice to help guide you in selecting the right products. So please, feel free to contact us at anytime!

Stefanie Rock is a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist and a regular contributor to HB Insights. A green living educator, she frequently facilitates presentations and has written hundreds of articles on creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and the environment.

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