6 Benefits of the Paleo Diet

By Shannon Clark B Sc, MA   |   22 December 2017 

If you’re looking for a new diet plan to try out and are wondering which plans are the most sustainable with the best results, one approach you’ll definitely want to consider is that of the paleo diet. More and more people around the globe are adopting the paleo lifestyle, and its popularity is still on the rise as people everywhere are discovering its benefits.

What is the paleo approach and why is it so popular? More importantly, what are the advantages of the paleo diet and how can you benefit from it? Let’s go over what you need to know about the paleo diet so you can decide if this plan is right for you.

What Is The Paleo Diet Plan

To begin, let’s address what this plan actually is. The paleo diet plan takes you back to eating like our ancestors used to eat in the caveman days (paleolithic era). It eliminates all the refined and processed foods that many of us practically live off of today and instead, gives you wholesome food choices that either grow straight from the ground or are caught in the wild.

The foods you’ll want to be feasting on include all lean meat, fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, nuts and seeds, and avocado. Sweet potatoes are permitted in moderation for those who are active on a regular basis.

This means that the foods you’ll be cutting out include all grains and legumes, dairy products, sweets, fast foods, alcohol, and any other snack or convenience foods.

While this diet may at first seem restrictive, once you get started with it you’ll soon learn that there are plenty of delicious options for you to choose from for each meal of the day.

So what’s in it for you? Why adopt this approach? Here is what you can expect.

Effortless Weight Loss

Most people, provided they are tracking their energy intake in some manner, will find they achieve rather effortless weight loss results with this approach. This is thanks to the fact that hunger levels are noticeably lower when on this diet because of the lower carb-higher fat combination.

Processed foods also tend to promote higher hunger levels in individuals so the fact that processed foods are eliminated also means that hunger will naturally be lower.

Reduced Cholesterol Levels

If there’s one thing you can be sure of with the paleo approach is that it’s loaded with healthy fats. Unless for some reason you avoid healthy fats while on this approach due to strict dieting, you should be consuming a nice array of monounsaturated fats along with omega-3 fatty acids.

This in turn helps to lower cholesterol levels and promote better health. Furthermore, because your sugar consumption is decreased as well, this too reduces the total cholesterol in the body. Remember that an excess of sugar gets converted into triglycerides and that then raises cholesterol levels.

Many people overlook the sugar-cholesterol equation but it is definitely present.

Lower Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Did you know that the paleo diet approach may help you avoid type 2 diabetes? It’s true. Because you’ll be making most of your meals with lean proteins and healthy fats on this program, that’s going to lead to very stable blood glucose levels and a lower overall circulating level of insulin in the body.

Since it’s fluctuating blood glucose levels and high insulin that lead to diabetes, managing those helps you prevent this disease.

Many of those who are currently diabetic would also be well served by using the paleo diet approach.

Stable Energy Levels

Along with stable blood sugar levels, you can also expect to experience stable energy levels on the paleo diet as well. As long as you make sure that you are choosing enough healthy fats along with berries and sweet potatoes (the two primary carbohydrate sources in the diet), you should have no problem sustaining optimal energy all day long.

Ease Of Meal Planning

The next nice thing about the paleo approach is that it will also make for relatively simple meal planning as well. Whether you’re eating at home or dining out in a restaurant, there are no specific rules you have to follow. As long as the foods you eat fit within the paleo guidelines, you’re good to dig in.

The simplicity of following this approach makes it an ideal option for many who would otherwise fall off the bandwagon rather quickly. Many people get overwhelmed with rules in the diet plans and this translates to lack of motivation and desire to continue.

Sustainable For Life

Finally, the last great thing about the paleo diet plan is that it’s completely sustainable for life. Unlike some other diets out there such as the ketogenic diet or a very low carb or low fat approach, this diet provides a balance and healthy mix of nutrients that will allow you to keep on the plan for years and years to come.

Viewing it then not as a short-term diet solution but rather, a long term plan that you’ll sustain for many years will also help reframe your mind and make it more likely that you stick with it over time.

So there you have it, there are quite a few benefits to the paleo approach. Whether you’re a man or woman, fit or unfit, young or old, this diet can work for you. It’s been helping many people reach their various goals for years now and is definitely a smart plan to consider implementing in your life.


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Shannon Clark is a qualified nutritionist and a regular contributor to Healthy Being Insights. She specialises in weight control and management as well as optimal fitness performance. She's devoted to helping readers obtain their own personal best health and fitness and stays on top the latest trends in the industry.

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