Ageing DNA and Telomere Length

By Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T   |   22 December 2015 

Does just thinking about ageing scare you? For, many of us especially those of us above 50 years old, are trying to see what we can do to slow down the ageing process.

Now, what is a telomere, first off start with your DNA, they are strands of chromosomes that carry our genes, everyone is a unique being; at the end of these strands are telomeres or tails. 


Telomere Tails

You could liken the telomere tail to a shoelace with the plastic tip on the end; it keeps the lace from fraying or breaking apart. The tails protect us, when the cell divides, so we do not lose our genes.

Each time a cell divides the tail shortens, overtime it unravels; this is ageing. When it is to short it can no longer multiply to replenish tissue and leaves the body open to destruction, this decreases your longevity.

A cell normally can divide only about 50-70 times. So as the cell gets older, the telomere becomes shorter and shorter, it makes us older and older.

It has been a personal quest for many scientist and researchers to find the “Fountain of Youth” to save us from ageing.


Herbs for Aging

Research and studies have found that Astragalus root is one herb that helps to stimulate the telomere and slows down ageing.

Your Italian herbs, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary and marjoram are anti- ageing and also high in anti-oxidants, That could be why in Italy and Greece, there are ‘The Blue Zones’, as written by Dan Buettner; where people live to be over 100 years.

Rosemary and basil are good for their anti-inflammatory power.

Next we can move to India, for spices and herbs of turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cumin and allspice. Many of these are used to fight inflammation and diseases like diabetes which can affect ageing also.

Cumin and sage are known for their dementia fighting power.


Elixir’s to Combat Aging

A major cause of aging is “oxidative stress’, there are natural things to combat this, our oxygenating Cell Food is a wonderful anti-ageing product line. We suggest starting with Essential Silica used for supporting tissues, joints, skin and hair.

Molecular hydrogen (H2) holds promise as a safe and effective antioxidant for the liver. It reduces pain and inflammation. Also, H2 decreases disease, ageing and neurodegenerative disease. There are nutritional supplements that are bio-available to help the body restore your health. One product is our Turmeric Plus; it is the “spice of life”, an outstanding aid for inflammation and pain.

Restoring your digestive system to a normal heathy flora can help decrease ageing of cells. The use of probiotics can create more long term health and reverse ageing symptoms.

Mineral nutrition is also in shortage by many individuals; it has been shown we can overcome many health and disease issues by just replenishing our minerals with supplements or colloidal minerals.


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Cindy Burrows is a qualified nutritionist & herbalist, and a regular contributer to HB Insights. She specielises in natural health, writing articles to help readers start health programs to improve their life, wellness and happiness.


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