George's Testimony: How I Beat Seizures!

By George Salim   |   28 July 2017 

My name is George and I’m 25 years and live in Sydney. At the age of 9, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. As a young kid I didn’t know much about my condition and growing up I never paid much attention to my sleeping patterns and what I ate. I was gradually putting on weight and at the same time did not know the affect it would have on my condition. After a car accident, I decided to see my Neurologist who had me do an EEG scan. After assessing the EEG results at that time, it had shown that I was having partial seizures. The Neurologist decided that it was best that I no longer drove and, as such I was deemed ‘unfit to drive.’

Over the next few months I experimented with different anticonvulsants, however even though my EEG results did improve, they still showed signs of partial seizures. I then decided to take a nutritional approach to my condition. After weeks of research, I discovered that it was not only my eating habits but also my sleeping patterns which were vital to improving my condition. I also discovered that although anticonvulsants help by suppressing the rapid and excessive firing of neurons during seizures; at the same time, they also deplete the human body of important vitamins and minerals.

My Action Plan

I then decided to see a Naturopath, who requested a blood test, hair analysis test and food intolerance test. Although the blood test turned out fine, the hair analysis test showed that I had high levels of mercury and copper (Both if levels are high, can alter the way the brain functions); the food intolerance test was to show any food allergies.

Below is a list of foods which I eliminated from my diet:

  • Processed foods (Chips, Chocolate, Lollies, etc.)
  • Fast-food (McDonalds, KFC, Oporto, etc.)
  • Foods containing MSG (I would advised to research about MSG as it has 8 different label names)
  • Foods high in processed sugar
  • Certain fish (Any full length fish larger than the size of a dinner plate contains high levels of Mercury)

Below are the vitamins and minerals which I used to supplement my diet, vitamins and minerals known to be depleted by Anticonvulsants:

  • Vitamin B (Plays an important role in maintaining the health of neurons)
  • Vitamin C (Assists in supporting the GABA-type receptors in the brain)
  • Vitamin D (Promotes calcium binding proteins which possess anti-epileptic properties)
  • Vitamin E (Essential for brain development and oxygen flow throughout the body)
  • Magnesium (Has an inhibitory effect on certain neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals responsible for signal transmission between nerve cells)
  • Zinc (Balances copper levels and plays an important role in brain function)
  • Selenium (Binds to toxic metals and helps remove them from the body)
  • Chlorella (Cleanses the body from toxins and toxic metals)

I decided to split my meals into 5 or 6 small meals rather than 3 square meals a day. I started eating more fruits and vegetables. The brain also requires adequate intake of fatty acids to maintain normal brain development and function. It is also the most abundant fat in the brain; that is why it is important to eat foods rich in healthy fats such:

The Result...

As a result of watching what I eat, exercising and improving my sleeping patterns; I improved my overall health, lost weight and most importantly my EEG results improved, with a reduction in spikes and wave discharges.

All these changes have drastically improved my health, and with only a minimal amount of anticonvulsant medication, I no longer have partial seizures. In addition to all these benefits, I am now fit to drive safely!

I want to extend a huge thanks to the good people at Healthy Being! The organic and natural products they’ve provided have been excellent! I continue to rely on the range and quality of their products to help me improve my health and help me acheive my goal of a life without seizures.

- George Salim

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By: on 22 June 2016
Beautiful and very insightful story. Thank you for sharing.


By: on 22 June 2016
What an amazing testimony. Keep up the good work George!

Wow...great story

22 June 2016
What a remarkable story! So happy for you George and wish you all the best for the future!

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