The Hidden Benefits of Acai Berries

By Peter Succar, Ph.D. (Lifestyle Coach)   |   16 October 2017 

One superfood that you may have heard about before is acai berries. So what exactly makes this berry so special? Why is everyone talking about and raving on about this berry? How’s it any better than say, a strawberry or blueberry?

Today, acai berries are a well-known superfood, they erupted on the mainstream market a few years back and have become more and more popular ever since. Now we're seeing a number of different acai berry products making their way onto online websites, grocery stores, and supplement stores.

So the question is, should you be eating them?

Let’s take a closer look at some benefits that acai berries have to offer, hidden benefits that you probably didn't know about. You'll soon discover why you should be adding this powerful superfood to your everyday diet.

Improved Brain Function

First, acai berries are great for boosting your brain health. This berry contains a wide array of antioxidants that will help to improve your overall focus and memory level, helping you stay cognitively alert as you go about your day.

In addition, the powerful antioxidants found in acai may also help to lessen the degree of inflammation that is taking place and causing issues associated with memory loss and dementia.

Appetite Control

While most berries provide decent appetite control, thanks to the dietary fibre they contain, the acai berry really stand out as the best. Acai berries help to moderate blood sugar levels, which in turn keeps you feeling full and satisfied.

To add, they help with regulating insulin levels, so in this regard may also help you ward off diabetes down the road as well. With stabilized blood sugar levels, you’ll also experience a lower overall risk for weight gain as well, promoting yet another great benefit to be had from this berry.

Enhanced Digestion

Improving the process of digestion should be a goal for everyone and this berry is definitely one that can help you achieve it. Acai berries are considered a natural digestive cleanser, so they’ll actually help improve your body’s ability to remove waste from circulation. They enhance the role of the liver and kidneys, removing all this toxic material that severely impact their function.

That on its own can also help you side-step health problems associated with toxic overload.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

If heart health is a concern for you, you’ll also want to put acai berries on the menu. This food is great for reducing inflammation in the body that is often associated with cardiovascular disease.

By including this berry regularly, you may also help lower your risk for coronary heart disease and could possibly even lower your blood pressure levels.As blood pressure often goes hand in hand with heart disease, reducing both of these is important for long-term health.

A Great Dose of Healthy Fats

While acai berries wouldn’t be considered a high fat food, they do contain a small dose of fats, but the fats that do make up this berry are very healthy. You’ll take in a hearty dose of omega-3 fatty acids along with a small dose of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids as well.

As most people aren’t taking in enough of this inflammation reducing omega-3 fatty acids in their diet plan, anything you can do to boost your intake of this essential fat will help promote better health.

Excellent Dose of Electrolytes

Finally, the last thing that makes the acai berry so special is the fact that it contains an excellent dose of electrolytes. Getting enough potassium, sodium, and magnesium into your daily diet is critical for keeping blood pressure levels in check, energy levels high, and muscular and heart contractions regular.

Sadly, with the high salt diets we eat today, our electrolyte status is very often largely out of balance. Acai berries can help put it back into better balance.

What Do We Recommend?

So as you can see, there are many great reasons to consider adding acai berries to your diet plan. Always remember though, organic is best! There are so many products that claim to contain acai berries, either added or isolated in tablets. Don't be misled, nothing beats eating the berries whole or in pure powder form (frozen), this will ensure optimum nutrient absorption and guaranteed that you reap all the benefits of this amazing superfood.

...and remember, qualified nutritionists at Healthy Being are available to offer further general advice to help guide you in selecting the right products. So please, feel free to contact us at any time!

Dr Peter Succar heads up the Product Research Team at Healthy Being and is an enthusiastic Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach. He's passionate about helping others obtain optimum health, advocating realistic and achievable changes in diets and lifestyles that promote the body’s natural immunity, its ability to self-heal and achieve overall mental and physical well-being.

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By: on 30 October 2017
My potassium and sodium levels are too high. Won't acai berries increase these levels exacerbating the high potassium/sodium symptoms?

Healthy Being Response
As with all vitamins and minerals, too much is not a good thing (with the exception of vitamin C - but 'megadoses' can cause diarrhoea). So if your potassium and sodium levels are high, it is prudent to avoid anything that's rich in either - including Acai. Hope this helps - Peter.

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