Why Women Should Consider Protein Powders

By Shannon Clark B Sc, MA   |  

If you’re a female looking to improve your health, fitness, and body composition, one supplement that you’ll want to consider is protein powders.  Sadly, many women shy away from using protein powders because they’ve come to believe that they’ll cause them to end up looking big and ‘bulky’, believing that protein powders are only something that should be used by the bodybuilder-types in the gym.

The reality of this is that that’s furthest from the truth. In fact, in many cases, it’s women that need protein powder even more than men do.

Here’s why.


Lack Of Protein From Everyday Foods

The first reason women should be strongly considering using a protein powder is because they’re more likely to be lacking in this nutrient. While men typically crave steaks, chicken, and other high protein foods, women tend to crave carb and fat rich foods instead.

The result?

They naturally eat less protein than men do. This means they are more likely to fall short in their daily intakes, which could put them at risk for nutritional deficiency.

When they supplement with a quality protein powder, this won’t be the case.


Increased Hunger Control

The second reason why women should consider protein powders is because they will give them excellent control over their hunger levels. Protein powders tend to decrease hunger and improve satiety more than many other protein sources such as chicken, so this could in turn make it easier to stick to your low calorie diet plan.

If you feel like you’re constantly hungry while aiming to lose fat, adding some protein powder into your schedule may help reverse that.


Improved Lean Mass Building

Protein powders are also excellent to help out with lean mass building. If you consume protein powder while performing an intense resistance training session, you can help build up lean muscle mass, which is tissue that’s highly metabolically active and will help make it easier to maintain your body weight.

Women with more lean muscle mass can eat more food on a day to day basis without weight gain, so it’s a very powerful type of tissue for long term weight control.

If you don’t provide adequate protein after your lifting sessions however, you’ll never build that lean muscle mass.


Craving Control

Finally, protein powder can also help out with cravings. If you’re like most women, you tend to crave chocolate from time to time.  Trying our Chocolate Whey Isolate protein powder can quickly put that craving to rest.

Whether you simply make a shake with it or you stir it into some yogurt for a pudding like snack, it’ll make it easier to sooth that sweet tooth without derailing your diet plan.

So there you have the main reasons why you as a woman should consume protein powder. Don’t think that drinking it will cause you to get big and bulky.  Women simply don’t have the hormonal profile to develop muscle bulk like a man so this should be least of your concerns.


...and remember, qualified nutritionists at Healthy Being are available to offer further general advice to help guide you in selecting the right products. So please, feel free to contact us at anytime!

Shannon Clark is a qualified nutritionist and a regular contributer to HB Insights. She specialises in weight control and management as well as optimal fitness performance. She's devoted to helping readers obtain their own personal best health and fitness and stays on top the latest trends in the industry.


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Chocolate Whey Isolate protein powder

By: on 8 January 2016
HB! I read this article and as a woman who has always struggled with weight loss, in addition to my monthly craving of chocolate - I took to your advice and purchased some Whey protein powder from your store and LOVED IT! I have tried many protein powders but this one was delish! My chocolate cravings are almost non existent and I've lost 5 kgs from using this as a meal replacement with a work out plan to boot! I recommend this product to anyone who is on the go, wants to lose weight and feel fuller for longer X

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