Natural Bars, Bites & Balls

Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar (12x68g)
Organic Hemptations - Mint Chocolate 200g
Protein Milk Choc Bar - Coconut Rough (12x35g)
Almond Scrumptionator Protein Bar (12x45g)
Apple Pie Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Banana Bread Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Banana PB Crunch Protein Bars (12x45g)
Berry & Coconut Bites (18x30g)
Berry Citrus Paleo Bars (10x65g)
Birthday Cake Vegan Protein Cookies (12x60g)
Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar (12x68g)
Blueberry Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Blueberry Protein Bars (12x52g)

RXBAR Blueberry Protein Bars (12x52g)

$49.95 $47.40
Cacao Almond Paleo Bars (10x65g)
Caramel Choc Chunk Energy Bars (12x45g)
Cheesecake Base Bites (18x30g)
Choc Cherry Paleo Bars (10x65g)
Choc Chip Keto Bars (15x40g)
Choc Chip Vegan Protein Cookies (12x60g)
Choc Choc Vegan Protein Cookies (12x60g)
Choc Orange Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Chocolate Brownie Bites (18x30g)
Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bars (12x52g)
Coconut Rough Protein Milk Choc Bars (12x100g)
Coconut Rough Protein White Choc Bars (12x100g)
Double Choc Brownie Keto Bars (15x40g)
Double Choc Chip PB Protein Bars (12x45g)
Energy Bar - Chocolate Chip Energy Bar (12x68g)
Top Seller
Energy Bar - Coconut Choc Chip Energy Bar (12x68g)
Energy Bar - Peanut Butter Banana (12x68g)
Fruit & Nut Protein Milk Choc Bars (12x100g)
Granola Bites - Chocolate Banana 125g
Granola Bites - Chocolate Vanilla 125g
Granola Bites - Coconut Banana 125g
Granola Bites - Tropical Fruits 125g
Lemon Cheesecake Keto Bars (15x40g)
Mint Chocolate Protein Bars (12x52g)
Mylk Choc Chunk Energy Bars (12x45g)
Natural Cacao Oat Bars (12x60g)

KOJA Natural Cacao Oat Bars (12x60g)

$42.00 $39.40
Natural Cheesecake Base Bars (12x45g)
Natural Cinnamon & Raisin Oat Bars (12x60g)
Natural Cinnamon Scroll Bars (12x45g)
Natural Dark Choc Chip Oat Bars (12x60g)
Natural Lemon & Coconut Oat Bars (12x60g)
Natural Maple Oat Bars (12x60g)

KOJA Natural Maple Oat Bars (12x60g)

$42.00 $39.40
Natural Peanut Butter Bars - Choc Chip (16x30g)
Natural Peanut Butter Bars - Chocolate (16x30g)
Natural Peanut Butter Bars - Peanut Caramel (16x30g)

Healthy Sweet Snacks, Paleo Bars & Vegan Snacks 

Searching for the ultimate healthy sweet snack? Look no further than Healthy Being’s range of vegan snacks, paleo bars, energy balls and gluten-free snacks. Unfortunately, popular and common protein bars, bites and balls are laden with unhealthy sugars and other unnecessary ingredients (even if they market themselves as ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’). That’s why at Healthy Being, we stock a range of healthy sweet snacks that will not only give you an energy and protein boost but are also delicious and 100% clean, natural and good for your body.

Discover our range of tasty paleo bars (including those popular Blue Dinosaur bars), vegan snacks, healthy energy balls and plenty of gluten-free snacks as well. All of our healthy snacks are free from preservatives, additives and only contain the good stuff. And don’t forget, when you spend over $99, shipping is on us. Shop our range of healthy snacks today.