Natural Paleo Bars, Protein Bars & Snack Bars from Blue Dinosaur

An Australian owned company, Blue Dinosaur are on a mission to create the very best snack food bars the world has ever seen and make them accessible to everyone, always. Whilst the majority of food companies think that near enough is good enough and that a snack food bar is a snack food bar, Blue Dinosaur don't settle for less than perfect, combining a collection of all-natural, premium whole food ingredients into a healthy bar for your convenience - real food that your body actually wants and needs!

Their entire range is 100% natural, completely free from chemicals, binders, flavours, preservatives, or anything artificial. Each bar is hand-baked to perfection, creating an incredible tasting, guilt-free snack that your body will love you for! The team at Blue Dinasour don't believe that the label 'snack food' gives anyone an excuse to create highly processed garbage that is detrimental to people's health, which is why creating convenient snack food using wholesome ingredients is the bedrock of their company.

So if you are looking for premium, 100% natural and organic health food bars, whether you're vegan, living the paleo lifestyle, or simply health-conscious, Healthy Being has what you're looking for - with hundreds of carefully selected, delicious products to choose from. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Banana Bread Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Berry & Coconut Bites (18x30g)
Blueberry Paleo Bar (12x45g)
Caramel Choc Chunk Energy Bars (12x45g)
Cheesecake Base Bites (18x30g)
Chocolate Brownie Bites (18x30g)
Mylk Choc Chunk Energy Bars (12x45g)
Natural Cheesecake Base Bars (12x45g)
Paleo Bar - Cacao Mint (12x45g)
Paleo Bar - Lamington (12x45g)
Paleo Bar - Macadamia Lemon (12x45g)
PB & Caramel Choc Vegan Protein Bars (12x45g)
PB & Jelly Vegan Protein Bars (12x45g)
PB & Mylk Choc Vegan Protein Bars (12x45g)
White Chocolate Bites (18x30g)