Organic, Premium Quality Hibiscus Tea Infusions from Egyptian Red

Egyptian Red are renowned for creating premium quality, organic Hibiscus Sabdariffa infusions. Their range is organic and versatile, and deliver many incredible therapeutic health benefits. The hibiscus used to craft their health-boosting natural tea is grown in one of the oldest known agricultural lands in the world - the salt-rich soil of upper Egypt.

Their entire range is 100% organic and completely free from pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavours or preservatives. Absolutely no chemical fertilizers are used in the cultivation of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa flowers at their source in Egypt and are packaged in Australia following strict quality control standards.

Hibiscus tea is reputed to be the preferred drink of the pharaohs, who believed in the great health benefits of the flower. Now, thanks to Egyptian Red, you too can enjoy the incredible benefits of this amazing flower, helping you achieve optimum health and well-being.

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