Power Super Foods

Power Super Foods specialise in organic, vegan, raw, Low GI, fairly traded, gluten-and-dairy-free functional foods. Their products are free of artificial preservatives or colours, free of synthetic flavourings or additives, and packed here in Australia. Power Superfoods is 100% Australian-owned.

Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes 500g
Organic Goldenberries 125g
Organic Maca Powder 350g
Coarse Peruvian Pink Gourmet Salt 600g
EpZEN Detox Magnesium Bath Crystals 900g
EpZEN Pure Magnesium Bath Crystals 900g
EpZEN Relax Magnesium Bath Crystals 900g
Fine Peruvian Pink Gourmet Salt 600g
Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes 1Kg
Organic Acai Powder 100g
Organic Acai Powder 50g
Organic Booster Blends - Digestion 225g
Organic Booster Blends - Immunity 225g
Organic Booster Blends - Recovery 225g
Organic Cacao CRUNCH 100g
Organic Cacao CRUNCH 200g
Organic Cacao NIBS 125g
Organic Cacao NIBS 250g
Organic Cacao NIBS 500g
Organic Chocolate Lip Balm (Box of 12)
Organic Coconut Sugar 1Kg
Organic Coconut Sugar 200g
Organic Coconut Sugar 500g
Organic Dulse Flakes 150g
Organic Dulse Flakes 50g
Organic Goji Berries 125g
Organic Goji Berries 250g
Organic Goji Blend 150g
Organic Goldenberries 225g
Organic Maca Powder (Bottle) 500g
Organic Maca Powder 1Kg
Organic Maca Powder 200g
Organic Maca Powder 250g
Organic Maca Powder 500g
Organic Maca Smoothie Blend 250g
Organic Maqui Powder 100g
Organic Maqui Powder 50g
Organic Nori Flakes 50g
Organic Raw Chia Seeds 200g
Organic Raw Chia Seeds 450g
Organic Raw Chia Seeds 950g
Organic Red Dulse Leaf 125g
Organic Red Dulse Leaf 50g
Organic Tigernut Flour 300g
Organic Wakame Flakes 50g
Raw Chia Seeds 250g
Raw Chia Seeds 500g
Raw Organic Cacao Beans 125g